4 Ways to Prevent Mold in New Construction

Mold: An Expensive Intruder

How to Prevent Mold in New Construction

In new construction, mold can be an expensive drag as it ravages through construction materials. Organic materials that are ideal for mold growth are in plenty, and once they are exposed they colonize the site. Where the construction will be done and the climate will affect the mold growth rate.
So, how do we prevent this expensive intruder in new construction areas?

Seal the Building

Nothing beats good preparation. Ensure you seal the building from water penetration. Check if the roof is well sealed, gaps around the windows and doors are sealed and the windows are installed.

Proper Storage

Knowing what you know now about molds, it is only logical to store your construction equipment well away from exposure. Ensure you keep your materials off the ground and away from moisture.

Do Testing

Before ceiling anything, ensure that you test the water system. Check the sprinklers and the pipes to ensure there is no leakage. This will save you the cost of replacing any previous installation you may make.

Proper Ventilation

When new construction is taking place, ensure that there is proper ventilation in the structures you make. Ensure every room has windows, vents, and doors. A well-ventilated building reduces its chances of molding easily.
In a case where the site has already been exposed to mold, you can opt to:
  • Remove the affected areas
  • Use ammonia and water and scrub the area
  • Scrub with bleach and water to the affected area
  • Spray vinegar in the affected area

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