Get an Efficient AC to Combat Mold

Your AC Can Actually Help Prevent Mold Growth

You see, stagnant air is one of the reasons mold for in your home. First, our houses are made of organic materials, and the designs do not help with air circulation. Matter of fact, they prevent air from flowing freely. Consequently, pockets of stagnant air form, collect humidity, and voila, you have the best conditions for mold.

As such, it goes without saying, running your air conditioner is a cheap but efficient way to combat mold. As fresh air moves past a wet spot, it lifts and removes moisture from the surface. Without moisture, mold cannot grow. But more than just having an AC, you need an efficient air conditioner.

Why Should Your AC Work Efficiently?

  • Life Saver – More than 9,000 Americans died from heat between 1979 and 2013. And think again if you believe the number captures the magnitude of the problem. Other than preventing mold growth, effective air conditioning is one of the best ways to prevent heat-related deaths. Furthermore, it eliminates allergens such as mold from the air. That is especially important for people who suffer from allergies.
  • Improved Productivity – With higher temps comes mental sluggishness as the body tries to cool itself down. An efficient AC allows people to work better and make better decisions on those hot days.

How Can You Tell Your AC Is Not Working Optimally?

You can engage the services of a professional, but here are few things to look for and save in the process.

  • AC is blowing warm air – An AC’s main job is to blow cold air. If the air is warm or hot, then there is a problem. Check your thermostat, and if that is not the problem, it is time to call a professional.
  • Strange Pungent Odors – Pungent odors from your AC mean the wire insulation has burned out. Musty smells mean that the one thing you are trying to get rid of, mold, is in the ductwork and should be taken care of immediately. MoldStar Remediation can help with preventing mold growth in your house as well as set your air conditioner to ensure efficient air circulation.

Contact MoldStar Remediation Now!

An efficient AC and mold cannot share bed and board. The former inhibits the growth of the latter. With MoldStar, you can be certain your house will be free from mold. Contact our professionally trained team today!

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