Mold infestation between the studs caused by extensive water damage

What to Know Before Hiring a Mold Remediation Company

Important notes to keep in mind when finding a mold remediation company

As a homeowner, mold removal can be an overwhelming task to take on when it is found in your home. You probably have no clue where to begin in the process. Most often, it’s all about finding the right mold professionals to help you through the process.
First things first, if you see mold, you usually do not have to spend time and money testing for it. If you suspect mold but feel like you don’t see it, then you should have a professional come out to perform testing. But, a mold company that insists on spending money to test for mold when it is already visible is often a red flag. In this case, you might want to call another mold company. Of course, there may be circumstances where you will need to test for mold when you already see it, for example, if you are buying a house and need concrete proof in order to negotiate the price of the home.
Like other services performed in your home, the price can be dependent upon the size of the mold remediation job. If you receive a quote that you feel is a little high for the amount of mold damage you have, it never hurts to get another opinion or quote to compare. On the same note, if you receive a quote that shockingly low, that can be a sign that the company might do a poor job. You should also keep in mind, if your home is going to need mold restoration, that will be more costly as they will have to do serious reconstruction in order to properly remove all traces of the mold. Therefore, it is important to look for a licensed, insured and experienced company. Companies who have been in business for a number of years probably have seen all types of mold situations and will be able to provide you the best results. 
It is also a good idea to make sure that the company you hire is using professional equipment, safety gear and proper cleaner/chemicals in order to complete the mold remediation. Make sure that the company will go over the entire process with you before they start work so that you know exactly what will be happening in your home. These things are especially important to keep in mind when having any kind of mold contractor work on your home.
We want to help ensure your home is a happy and safe environment. Give us a call for all of your mold concerns, we know we can help!

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