MoldStar Remediation Announces the Launch of their Mold Related Business Directory

MoldStar Remediation Announces the Launch of their Mold Related Business Directory

MoldStar Remediation, an Atlanta based water restoration, and mold cleanup company, has announced its brand-new business directory. The company founded in 2009 by Jeremy Shelton is consistently listed as one of the top-rated mold removal companies in Atlanta, GA. Shelton has dedicated the last 15 years of his life to becoming an expert in mold remediation and indoor air quality. Suffering from severe mold toxicity, after moving into a newly purchased home with extreme mold infestation in the crawlspace, Shelton immersed himself in the industry. Shelton now holds a certification in Water Damage Restoration and a certification for Applied Microbial Remediation through the IICRC. In addition, he also has a certification as a Certified Microbial Consultant through ACAC.

When asked to comment on the new resources page, Shelton had this to say “When I was going through my battle with mold and all of the health effects that came with it, it was impossible to find answers. After multiple trips to my primary care physician, it was suggested that we test the home for mold. Okay, we have to test for mold, but who can perform a mold test? What does the report mean? There was just so much research that we had to do on our own, and there weren’t really any resources online, much less any resources for Atlanta homeowners. I’ve spent the last ten years of my life learning and working in the industry, and now it’s my goal to help others who may be suffering like I was. I believe building out our website with us much information as possible will help those who find themselves in a position where their health may be impacted by toxic mold exposure.”

In a time when homeowners are spending more time than ever at home, indoor air quality is more important than ever. Homeowners located within Atlanta, Sandy Springs, Roswell, Marietta, or Metro Atlanta who think they may be suffering from toxic mold exposure are encouraged to speak to the MoldStar Remediation team. Consultations are free, and the information provided could prove to be invaluable. Real Estate Agents, Plumbers, and other local service businesses or licensed tradesmen are invited to reach out to the MoldStar Team to be featured on the resources page.

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