Professional Tests for Mold in Home

A professional mold inspector will collect at least two samples to ensure that you have a thorough understanding of the potential presence of mold in your home. This leaves little room for error. Additionally, a professional will look over every inch of your home, leaving no corner untouched. This means you’ll get a better estimate of how much your mold inspection will cost. In addition, a professional mold inspector will be certified by the American Society for Microbiology and has years of experience with mold testing.


Typically, a professional mold inspector will collect samples from three areas in your home. These samples will be sent to a laboratory to determine the type and concentration of the mold. This process is quick and easy and often saves you time and money. If you’re concerned that your home has a mold problem, you can take precautions to detect the problem before it gets worse. You should also look for any visible signs of the presence of the growth before getting a professional test.

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To test for mold in your home, you should use a mold testing kit. These kits collect a sample of the air and surface of your home and analyze the sample to determine whether it contains mold spores. Some of these kits provide results immediately; others require sending samples to a laboratory for professional analysis. Regardless of the method, these tests can help you determine whether your mold removal efforts are effective and save you money.


Depending on the type of mold you suspect, you can choose an appropriate remediation plan. In order to prevent the mold from spreading, you should first remove the source of moisture. While hard surfaces can be cleaned, soft surfaces will need to be completely replaced. In addition, you should replace any porous surfaces, like rugs and carpets. Remember that there is no way to clean these surfaces. These surfaces are the most porous and can easily harbor mold.

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In addition to being a health risk, mold in the home can damage surfaces. If not dealt with in a timely manner, a professional mold inspection will help reduce remediation costs. A home inspection should be done as soon as you suspect any mold. A professional test will also ensure that any remediation procedures are done properly. So, before you start tackling any mold in the house, make sure to get it checked out.


There are many benefits to hiring a professional mold inspector to test your home. Unlike the DIY test kits, a professional mold inspection will provide you with a comprehensive report. In addition to being more accurate, a professional mold inspection can save you money and time. A thorough test will help you make sure you’re not allergic to mold. You’ll also have more options to get your mold tested, and it won’t hurt to have a second opinion.

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