Should I Test For Mold?

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Today, I would like to talk with you about a question I am often asked, which is, “Should I test for mold or not? I will describe each of the testing methods we use here at MoldStar Remediation and how testing for mold can be useful. Here at MoldStar Remediation, we collect air samples, Dust Analysis, and swabs.

Types of Mold Tests

Air Samples

The most useful mold test is going to be an air sample. Finding out if the air is contaminated is useful in knowing what you are breathing, identifying if there is a mold problem or not, as well as establishing a cleaning plan if one is needed.

When the air is contaminated, there are going to be non-visible mold contaminants on every surface including walls, ceiling, floor, and personal contents.

When the air is contaminated, every surface needs to be cleaned and the air needs to be cleaned as well.

If the air is not contaminated, cleaning activities can be isolated to water damaged and mold-contaminated building material. An air sample will tell you the genus types and quantities of mold spores in the air and how much of it originates from indoor mold growth.

Dust Analysis

If you want to know if the molds in your home are toxic and harmful, a Dust Analysis is a useful test.
A Dust Analysis will tell you the species of molds that are present in the dust in the home.

The theory is that the dust that is present in the home was at one time airborne and is what you are breathing and being exposed to.

Swab Samples

Swab samples will tell you what type of mold is on the one square inch that is being swabbed. One of the limitations of a swab is there can be other types of molds on surfaces that have not been swabbed.

Swabs can be useful if you need to prove there is mold on a surface for reasons such as proving to an insurance company or in court that mold is present on surfaces.
It is also useful in determining whether or not mold is present on a surface.

If you have questions about mold or need mold remediation, please call MoldStar Remediation.

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