Will Mold Come Back After Mold Remediation?

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Today, I would like to talk with you about: Will mold come back after remediation?

The first step in making sure that mold doesn’t return is to be certain that it has been remediated properly. In many cases, it can be useful to have an air sample collected, by a professional mold inspector, to make sure the mold has been properly removed.

If the air is not contaminated and surfaces have been cleaned, then the mold has been properly removed.

Humidity and Moisture Above 55% Cause Mold

After your sure that the mold has been properly remediated, mold will not return unless there is a source of moisture, which can be in the form of high humidity above 55%, or there is water activity.

If you keep the humidity below 55% with air conditioning or a dehumidifier and there is no water activity, mold will not return. Mold always has to have a source of moisture to grow.

For ventilated attics and ventilated crawlspaces with grill vents around the exterior foundation walls, controlling the humidity with a dehumidifier or air conditioning is not be an option.

Ventilated locations need adequate ventilation to discourage mold from returning. Mold will not grow when adequate ventilation is present.

Install a Power Vent System

I recommend a power vent system be installed for ventilated crawlspaces and attics. A power vent is a fan-like device that fits over one of the grill vent openings that are present around the foundation walls.

A power vent creates ventilation in a crawlspace or attic and discourages mold from returning.

Have Your Mold Remediator Use a Product Like Fiberlock

A good final step in the mold remediation process is to spray and antimicrobial encapsulate such as Fiberlock on the lumber after it has been remediated of mold.

An antimicrobial encapsulate such as Fiberlock can be applied with a paint sprayer and it discouraged mold from growing on the surface it has been applied to.

It is a good final step in the mold remediation process after mold has been remediated.

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